• Premium quality materials
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Free shipping over €500
  • Orders placed before 13h00 are cut the same day
  • Woven, dyed, tailored & cut in Germany
  • Premium quality materials
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Free shipping over €500
  • Orders placed before 13h00 are cut the same day
  • Woven, dyed, tailored & cut in Germany

How to take your measurements

When ordering a tailored product, it is important to add the correct measurements in the comment section of your order.

Each measurement for upper and lower body has its own number. Please provide your measurements in centimeters (cm) and your body weight in kilogram (kg).

You should use the following format: "Length: 185, weight: 85, Upper: 1: 43 / 2: 42 / 3: 59 ...... Lower: 1: 115 / 2: 64".. and so on.

Below, you find the measurement guide for each garment type. When ordering multiple garments types, please add all the measurements for all garment types.

General measurements

For every garment we make, we need the following measurements:

  • Total body length
  • Total body weight

Please note your total body length and weight as follows:

"Length: 180, weight: 85"

Body measurements

Please measure the following lengths and circumferences, and add them in the comment section of your order in the above explained format: "Upper: 1: 43 / 2: 42 / 3: ..." and so on.

It is best to provide us with all your measurements, so that we can cross-check between our sizing system and your measurements.

Please use a measurement tape and provide us with your sizes in centimeters. Do not pull tight on the measurement tape when measuring circumferences. Place the measurement tape at the locations as indicated in the image on the right.

Upper body

  1. Throat circumference:
  2. Neck circumference:
  3. Shoulder to shoulder length:
  4. Armpit to armpit length across chest:
  5. Chest circumference (measured over the widest part of the chest and over the shoulder blades):
  6. Waist circumference:
  7. Seat circumfrence (at widest part of the seat):
  8. Shoulder top to wrist cuff length:
  9. Bicep circumference:
  10. Forearm circumference:
  11. Wrist circumference:
  12. Waist to hip length:
  13. Waist to knee length:

Lower body

  1. Waist to floor:
  2. Thigh circumference:
  3. Above knee circumference:
  4. Below knee circumference:
  5. Calf circumference:
  6. Ankle circumference:
  7. Instep circumference:
  8. Arch length:
  9. Outseam from waist to ankle:
  10. Inseam from crotch to ankle:
  11. Inseam from crotch to below knee:
  12. Inseam from crotch to floor:


For: hats and headwear

Wrap the measurement tape around your hat, at the height that you would normally wear your hat. For most people, that is about 1 cm above the ears, above the eyebrows and on the deepest part of the back of the head.

Don't pull on the measurement tape: a too tight hat is very uncomfortable. When you measure e.g. 59,5, order your hat in size 60. It is easy to make your hat a little smaller, by adding a little piece of self-adhesive cork in the back of the hat.

Please write your head size as follows: "Head: 60"


For: gloves

Please provide us with the following sizes:

A: Stretch your dominant hand, and measure its circumference around the knuckles. Wrap the measurement tape around the palm and back of your hand, at the height of the knuckles of your index finger, middle finger, ring finger and pinky: please don't measure the thumb;

B: Lay down the ruler or measurement tape on a flat surface, and lay your dominant hand flat on top of it. Measure the length of your hand from the tip of the middle finger to the center of your wrist;

C: Measure the circumference of your wrist;

D: Measure the circumference of your lower arm, just below the elbow.

Please write your hand sizes as follows: "A: 24 / B: 21 / ..." and so on.

Ring size

Firstly, you need to decide on which finger you want to wear your new ring. Rings can be worn on any finger. Then, please measure the inner diameter of a ring that fits well on that specific finger. Keep in mind that the ring needs to slide over the knuckle as well. Your local jewellery store can help you with measuring your ring size.

A ring fits well when it doesn't slide off by itself when waving your hand, but it doesn't hurt or annoy you either. Please note that your ring size may differ for every finger: your left-hand ring finger may be slightly thicker or thinner than your right-hand ring finger.

When ordering your ring, please write the inner diameter in millimeter (mm) in the comment section of your order.